About Us

Now more than ever do we realise how easily germs and bacteria can be spread, especially when it comes to gyms and fitness clubs. That’s why we’re passionate about creating hygienic and sustainable products that keep you clean and healthy so you can focus on training and keeping yourself fit.

Now picture this - you're in the middle of your HIIT class (your local gym, F45, CrossFit, or wherever else you get your sweat on). You've got your adrenaline up, you're hot, you're sweaty, you pick up your gym towel and move to the next exercise. Before you get back into it you go to wipe your face - but something quickly dawns on you - "which side do I wipe my face with?"

You're wondering which side of the towel did you put down on the sweaty gym mat on the station before. But you don't have time to think, the instructor is telling you to start again... you take a chance and dab your face with what could be the sweat from the stinky guy before you... yuck!

That's why we've designed the most hygienic workout towel that we could - antibacterial with a colour-coded design, keeping you clean and healthy so you can focus on hitting your fitness goals.


PROBLEM: Gym and fitness equipment (mats, benches, bikes, treadmills, etc) have microbes that spread viruses and cause skin infections

SOLUTION: Our Gym Face towels are designed for anyone going to the gym or fitness club to keep yourself, and others, clean and healthy

PROBLEM: Forgetting which side of your gym towel you’ve wiped down sweaty equipment with before wiping your face

SOLUTION: Colour-coded Gym Face towels designed with one side for your face and one side for everything else - preventing you from wiping other people’s germs on your face

PROBLEM: The fibres on standard cotton gym towels can contain E.coli and MRSA (even when washed)

SOLUTION: Our antibacterial microfibre towels reduce bacteria growth, keeping them cleaner for longer

PROBLEM: Gym issued towels can harbour bacteria from ongoing use and being transported in dirty washing hampers

SOLUTION: Gym Face towels are antibacterial and come with their very own carry ouch to prevent cross contamination between training sessions

PROBLEM: Normal gym towels are tricky to hang in the gym due to not having hooks or hooks that are too small

SOLUTION: Our Gym Face towels have detachable hooks that enable you to hang your towel almost anywhere and keep it off the dirty floor

PROBLEM: Conventional gym towels dry slowly that breed bacteria, making them smell

SOLUTION: Our antibacterial gym towels dry quickly and remove odour