3 Quick Tips to Get Lean and Stay Clean at the Gym

Over the last 5 years, I have been fortunate to live in Sydney, Australia, which is one of the fittest cities in the world. There is always a new workout studio, all purpose gym, or trend in fitness that launches that I am always eager to try to mix up my workout. With so many options for men and women these days on how to keep your fitness regime up to par, the last thing you want to be thinking about is the germs surrounding you at the gym. 

  1. Bring Hand Sanitiser Gel or Wipes to clean your Free Weights. Did you know there is 362x the amount of germs on the bar than a toilet bowl? This is one of the hottest spots for germs at the gym. So to ensure you stay clean and avoid picking up one of these nasty bugs, give them a good wipe down before using..
  2. Bring your own thongs for the showers (flip flops for our British and American friends). Many gym shower stalls are covered with fungi and organisms that can cause infections, like athlete's foot, ringworm, and warts. Protecting your feet is an easy fix.
  3. Always, always, always bring your own Gym and Shower towel. Did you know that the towels gym’s provide are not only expensive (usually $3 per day) but also house thousands of bacteria? From E.Coli, MRSA and Staph, gym towels house that gym can be the source of many gym related  infections. Many of the gyms use the exact same hampers to house the dirty towels as the clean ones…. Ew! With Gym Face’s double-sided, fast drying, and antimicrobial towels, you will never again have to worry about which side touched the gym vs. your face. Check out our full range of towels here today!