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Get Lean, Stay Clean

Did you know that a single piece of fitness equipment may have over 100 users a day? (and we know not all of them wipe down after themselves!)

That's why our gym towels are hygienically designed to keep other people's sweat and germs away from your face during and after a hard workout - keeping you healthy so that you can keep smashing your fitness goals 💪

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With all purchases over $50 we are giving away a Virtual Lean Bean 1 month membership. Available for a limited time only.

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Colour-coded Design

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Eco Friendly

Smart Fabric Technology

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Hang Them Anywhere

"I hadn't realised how dirty my previous gym towels were until I bought a Gym Face towel. It's also good to know which side to wipe my face with when I'm doing a CrossFit session."


Dr. Patrick McCann

"Amazing Product"



"Love this new towel by @gymface_official - genius concept. Check it out!"


Susannah K

"Love it!! I am loving my new towel!! Easy to carry and love the design. Definitely recommend it."


Miguel S