The Sustainable Gym Towels That Keep You Fresh and Germ-Free

Gym Face towels are made from 100% recycled bottles utilising Repreve® technology, and are designed to keep you clean and healthy when you train. The fast drying, antimicrobial microfibre inhibits the growth of nasty germs and bacteria, whilst the colour-coded design ensures you keep your skin clean and healthy, preventing unwanted breakouts.

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  • "These nifty towels are colour-coded so you can swerve gym germs by using one side for you and one side for everything else."

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  • Patrick M

    "I hadn't realised how dirty my previous gym towels were until now. It's also good to know which side to wipe my face with when I'm doing CrossFit."


  • Katie L.

    "Its an awesome towel and the fact that it's supporting recycling makes it even better."


  • Vivian H

    These are great! My husband and I have split up the colours and we both love them. I love the fact they're made from recycled bottles too.


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Our Sustainable Commitment

At Gym Face, we care about sustainability. That's why each of our towels is made from up to 12 recycled bottles.

We also use compostable packaging to ship your towels through carbon neutral fulfilment providers. So not only are you getting a great towel, you're doing a good thing for the environment too.

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Did you know that a piece of fitness equipment has over 100 different users every day? That's why we created the original colour-coded gym towel - one side for your face, one side for everything else.

Our gym sweat towels are also made from antibacterial microfibre, which minimises bacteria growth - keeping you fresh and preventing your towels from smelling gross.

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High Performance

In order to train hard, you need a hard-working quick dry gym towel. Gym Face towels are made from durable waffle microfibre that is light and compact compared to bulky cotton towels.

Gym Face quick dry towels are also ultra absorbent, so your sweaty brow will be dry in a second. What's more is that they dry themselves as quickly as they dry you, so no more damp towels!

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