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Gym Face™ Trio Bundle - SAVE 27%

Gym Face™ Trio Bundle - SAVE 27%

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Gym Face™  towels are made from 100% recycled bottles utilising REPREVE® technology, and are designed to keep you clean and healthy when you train. The fast drying, antimicrobial microfibre inhibits the growth of nasty germs and bacteria, whilst the colour-coded design ensures you keep your skin clean and healthy, preventing unwanted breakouts.

Reasons To Love Gym Face

Colour-coded Design – One side for your face, one side for everything else. Our towels are designed to ensure that you never wipe your face with someone else's sweat.

Eco-friendly – Each towel is made from up to 12 recycled bottles utilising Repreve® Technology

Antimicrobial – Our microfibre towels minimise bacteria growth, keeping them cleaner for longer.

No Odours - even if you don't wash it soon after using - because who likes a smelly towel?

Zip Pocket – Each towel has a zip pocket - perfect for holding your phone, keys, gym card, earphones, etc.

Fast Drying – Gym Face towels are rapid drying meaning they're ready to go again when you are.

Premium Fabric – Our microfibre towels are durable, compact and super absorbent - drying 3x faster and saving 5x more space than standard cotton towels.

Hang Them Anywhere – Designed with a Snap Hook tag, meaning you can hang them almost anywhere.

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Size: 40x90cm - Ideal for the gym, HIIT, circuit training, CrossFit, spin classes, yoga, and anywhere else you sweat

Material: 80% Polyester | 20% Polyamide

Towel Care

Towel Care: Gym Face recommends that towels be washed before first use (cold - 30° on gentle spin is best).

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  • Gym Face Women's Health

    "These nifty towels are colour-coded so you can swerve gym germs by using one side for you and one side for everything else."

Avoid Gym Germs

Did you know that a piece of fitness equipment has over 100 different users every day? That's why we created the original colour-coded gym towel - one side for your face, one side for everything else. Each Gym Face towel is designed to take out the guess work when you train. Use the dark side to place on or wipe down gym equipment or yoga mats, this keeps the light side fresh and germ-free - preventing you from transferring harmful germs and bacteria to your face.

Gym Face towels are also made from antibacterial microfibre, which minimises bacteria growth - keeping you fresh and preventing your towels from smelling gross.

Gym Face is proud to be a partner of Repreve®, the world's number one brand of recycled performance fibre. Our high-quality fibres are made from 100% recycled materials, including post-consumer plastic bottles and pre-consumer waste. They are also certified and traceable.