Sustainable Vision

Your Truly Sustainable Eco-Friendly Towels

Wondering how we came about creating truly sustainable eco-friendly towels?

At Gym Face, we care about sustainability, as we all should. With this in mind we are passionate about ensuring we do our bit wherever we can by creating the best eco-friendly towels. So, we sourced microfibre made from recycled materials, with each of our towels made from up to 12 recycled bottles.

We also use compostable packaging to ship your high-quality recycled towels. Our shipping satchels are made from compostable materials that leave no toxic substances or pollutants in the soil when they break down. In fact, the compost produced can be used in the same way as soil or plant fertiliser. Furthermore, we do not unnecessarily wrap our products in single-use plastic wrapping.

We also only work with carbon neutral fulfillment providers that share the same vision that we do. So, if you are looking for an eco-friendly yoga towel, fitness towel, or sports towel, don't go for any ordinary organic face towel or body towel. Get a Gym Face towel  because not only are you getting a great towel, you're doing a good thing for the environment too.