Gym Face vs Gym Germs

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Your Fitness Towel: Which Side is Which?

Have you ever forgotten which side of your fitness towel you’ve wiped down sweaty equipment with before wiping your face?

Did you know that you’re likely wiping bacteria straight onto your face when you work out, which can lead to skin conditions like acne and fungal infections? Scientific research has shown gym and fitness equipment are covered with microbes that spread viruses and cause skin infections. In 2019, fitness influencer and entrepreneur, Kayla Itsines, was the victim of a painful skin breakout caused by bacteria at the gym coming into contact with her skin.

That’s why, in addition to being made from antibacterial microfibre, we created Gym Face towels, the best fitness towels with a colour-coded design - using the best towel to dry face sweat with one side for your face and one side for everything else - preventing you from wiping other people’s germs on your face with the best exercise towel available today.

How many times have you just thrown your gym towel on the ground when you’re about to get into your next set? We get it, normal gym towels can be tricky to hang in the gym due to not having tags or tags that are too small. So we designed Gym Face towels with detachable tags that enable you to hang your towel almost anywhere and keep it off the dirty floor.

“It’s okay, I pay to use the towels at my gym” we hear you say. Well did you know that gym issued towels are often transported in dirty washing hampers that are full of bacteria? This shows that it pays to invest in your own gym towels, whether they are bought from us or not. Plus, who wants to pay hundreds of dollars a year for an absorbent sports towel that was sitting at the bottom of a dirty towel hamper festering with someone else’s sweat just yesterday?