Collection: Microfibre Towel

How amazing would it be to have a microfibre gym towel that you can use wipe the sweat off your face and body after an intense workout but also keep nasty germs away?

You get exactly that with our Gym Face™ microfibre workout towel. Made 100% from recycled bottles and are specifically designed to keep other people's sweat and germs away from your face and body when you train, you get 10x more than any other microfibre fitness towel. Plus, you don’t have to buy multiple towels or a large one to make your workout bag heavy, you just get our small microfibre gym towel and you’re good to go!

Our antibacterial microfibre towels with colour-coded design will ensure that you always know which side to wipe your face with, keeping germs at bay and ensuring you stay fit and healthy. So, whether you're into yoga, pilates, spin, HIIT, CrossFit, and anything in between, these are the best microfibre gym towels Australia has to offer today.

Why Choose Gym Face™ Towels?

Gym Face™ Antibacterial Workout Towels are hygienically designed to keep other people's sweat and germs away from your face during and after a hard workout - keeping you healthy so that you can keep smashing your fitness goals.

  • Colour-coded Design – One side for your face, one side for everything else, so you don’t have to buy a separate microfibre face towel. Our towels are designed to ensure that you never wipe your face with someone else's sweat.
  • Eco Friendly – Did you know that our towels are made from recycled bottles? Meaning they are not just hygienic, but good for the environment too.
  • Antibacterial – Our microfibre towels minimise bacteria growth, keeping them cleaner for longer. Microfibre also reduces smell and odours, even if you don't wash it soon after using - because who likes a smelly towel?
  • Smart Fabric Technology – Our microfibre towels are durable, compact and super absorbent - drying 3x faster and saving 5x more space than standard cotton towels.
  • Hang Them Anywhere – Designed with a semi-detachable Hang It™ loop. Meaning you can hang it almost anywhere and keep it off the dirty floor.

Buy microfibre towels from us at Gym Face™ to get the best antibacterial microfibre gym towel in the industry today!