Gym Face vs Cotton Towels

Why Antimicrobial Gym Towel Microfibre Is Your Best Option

Scientific research has shown that cotton towels can be a breeding ground for bacteria, even E. Coli and MRSA because cotton towels have much thicker and longer fibres that trap bacteria and allow them to breed faster and this is why antimicrobial gym towel microfibre is your best hygienic option.

Gym Face towels are made from antimicrobial microfibre that kills 99 percent of bacteria, meaning they stay fresher and healthier much longer than a typical cotton gym towel.

gym towel microfibre

What does this mean? Firstly, Gym Face towels can be washed three times less often than cotton gym towels because they’re essentially self-cleaning. How does this work? It all comes down to the tiny microscopic filaments that trap and eliminate bacteria before it has a chance to grow. Smart, right?

Also as the fibres on our towels are so small, it prevents moisture from settling in the fabric and dries five times faster than cotton towels. This means that your microfibre towel will not remain damp for long, so that by the time you put it back in your gym bag it will have lost most of its moisture, preventing the spread of bacteria onto other items in your bag.

Furthermore, as our microfibre sports towels dry quickly, it prevents them from becoming smelly and mouldy like a cotton towel would. So, there is no question that Gym Face antibacterial microfibre towels are the best-value buy gym towel in Australia.