Why The Gym Face?

The Clean & Green™ Gym Towels

Introducing Gym Face Green & Clean™ Towels - the gym buddy you never knew you needed! Our towels are not only eco-friendly, but they're also tough and durable. Made from recycled plastic bottles, they're a sustainable solution that saves the planet while keeping up with your intense workouts. No more worrying about bacteria, germs, or unpleasant odours - our towels are equipped with antibacterial microfibre material that's ready to fight gym germs head-on!

Say goodbye to confusion about which side is for your face and which side is for equipment. Our colour-coded design ensures that you never wipe your face with someone else's sweat. The fast-drying technology means no more damp towels hiding in the depths of your gym bag. And the best part? Our towels are compact and travel-friendly, making them easy to carry wherever you go!

Our super absorbent material quickly wipes away all the sweat and grime, leaving you feeling fresh and ready for more. Plus, we've added a convenient zip pocket to keep your belongings safe while you work out, so you can focus on achieving your fitness goals without worrying about losing your phone or keys. So what are you waiting for? Get your Gym Face Towel today and #GetYourGymFaceOn

    • Color-Coded Design

      One side for your face, one side for everything else. Our towels ensure you never have to wipe your face with someone else's sweat again.

    • Eco-Friendly

      Each towel is made from up to 12 recycled bottles, utilising Repreve® Technology to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

    • Antimicrobial

      Our microfibre towels minimise bacteria growth, keeping them cleaner for longer and giving you peace of mind.

    • Zip Pocket

      Each towel comes with a convenient zip pocket to hold your essentials, keeping them secure during your workouts.

    • Odour-Free

      No more unpleasant smells, even if you don't wash the towel immediately after use.

    • Premium Fabric

      Our microfibre towels are not only durable but also super absorbent, drying three times faster and saving five times more space than standard cotton towels.

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    What Common Problems Do Gym Face Towels Solve?

    Gym and fitness equipment have microbes that spread viruses and cause skin infections.

    Our Gym Face towels are designed for anyone going to the gym or fitness club who want to minimise or even eliminate the spread of viruses and infections.

    Forgetting which side of your large or small gym towel you’ve wiped down sweaty equipment with before wiping your face.

    Colour-coded Gym Face towels designed with one side for your face and one side for everything else - preventing you from wiping other people’s germs on your face.

    The fibres on standard cotton gym towels can contain E.coli and MRSA (even when washed).

    Our antibacterial microfibre towels reduce bacteria growth, keeping them cleaner for longer.

    Gym issued soft face towels and exercise towels can harbour bacteria from ongoing use and being transported in dirty washing hampers.

    Gym Face towels are antibacterial and dry quickly preventing bacteria from thriving. This is also why you should own your own Gym Face towel :)

    Normal gym towels are tricky to hang in the gym due to not having hooks or hooks that are too small.

    Our Gym Face towels have detachable hooks that enable you to hang your towel almost anywhere and keep it off the dirty floor.

    Conventional sports gym towels dry slowly that breed bacteria, making them smell.

    Our antibacterial gym towels dry quickly, inhibiting bacteria growth and remove smelly odours.

    Beating Gym Germs

    Gym equipment, such as mats, benches, and treadmills, are hotbeds for microbes that spread viruses and cause skin infections. That's why our Gym Face Towels are antibacterial, reducing the growth of bacteria and keeping you safe from skin infections.

    Wiping down sweaty equipment with the same towel you use on your face is a common mistake. Our colour-coded design solves this problem, with one side for your face and another for everything else. Standard cotton towels can contain harmful bacteria like E.coli and MRSA, even after washing.

    Our microfibre towels are antibacterial, reducing bacteria growth, and keeping them cleaner for longer. Gym-issued towels can also harbour bacteria from ongoing use and dirty washing hampers. 

    Conventional sports gym towels dry slowly, breeding bacteria and causing unpleasant odours. Our antibacterial gym towels dry quickly, removing odours, and allowing you to focus on your workout without any distractions. That's why Gym Face Towels are the perfect solution for anyone looking to stay clean, healthy, and focused on their fitness goals.