3 Ways to Support Your Local Gym During Lockdown

3 Ways to Support Your Local Gym During Lockdown

With governments (rightly so) putting lockdowns in place this month, the whole world has had to massively adjust our lives and routines to say the least. No more sitting at your favourite neighbourhood cafe, heading out on a Friday night to check out the newest gig in town, or attending your fav HIIT class downtown afterwork. We know that staying home is essential to getting out of the pandemic quickly… but what it does mean, is that all our fav local gym and fitness shops are being shut down for the time being and that hurts 😭.

This is going to be a HUGE hit for all of us, especially our local gym owners. I know it feels helpless, but there are things you can do to help out the fitness community so they can reopen and stay alive for when this mess is over! 

Here are three things you can do today.

Keep your Memberships or Reduced Membership:

One way you can help is paying your gym a reduced membership or even your full membership to keep the lights on during this tough time. That will soften the blow so they can return at the ready for you to get your sweat on when this is all over.

Follow your fav Gym or Personal Training session Online:

Many large gym chains and local businesses alike are offering classes on their apps, Youtube, IG Live, and their website. Make an effort to log in and participate to stay fit during this time and support their businesses as well!

Stay at home 🏠

Last but not least… stay at home!! Social isolation is going to be KEY to getting us all back out on the mat, gym floor, and into your fav pilates classroom again. For now, use your at home gym equipment to get you through. These next few weeks are critical -- so do your part and #stayinside.

Stay safe everybody, and see you on the other side x


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