5 Home Workout Apps to Try During Isolation

5 Home Workout Apps to Try During Isolation

Flu season is never easy...especially this year with the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Many of us are shutting ourselves in at home, socially isolating if you will, and still want to ensure we get in an efficient work out. 

With a shut down in many parts of Australia, what does this mean for your gym work out? Panicked that you won’t be able to go to your favourite hiit class or pilates session? Well, we have done the research and here are the Top 5 Home Workout Apps to test out while socially isolating at home this Flu Season.

The Daily Burn

The Daily Burn is a service that offers virtual workout classes in areas like high training intensity workouts, barre, and cardio and strength, they have also experienced a surge in sign ups over the last month. In the past week alone, Daily Burn says it’s seen a 268% year-over-year increase in membership signups (source business insider). They must be doing something right!

They also are offering a 60 day free trial -- you can download here


When downloading Aaptiv, it takes you to a home page where they introduce you to one of their “trainers”. After walking through your fitness goals, fitness level, and a few other facts to get a personalised workout ready for you, you can access the "Netflix for Fitness Content". They have thousands of classes to offer including monthly challenges with targeted goals to challenge and motivate you during this time.

They also offer a free 7 day trial for their service that you can download here

TA Online Studio 

Tracy Anderson, celebrity fitness trainer to the likes of Gwenith Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, and Madonna, has pioneered the fitness industry for 2 decades. She launched TA Online studio back in 2014 and it’s as popular as ever -- with classes for beginners through to advanced and will kick your butt in no time.

This is one of the pricier options at $90 per month but there is 14 day trial that can be found here

Kayla Itsines Sweat 

Straight from South Australia, SWEAT, created by Kayla Itsines was a worldwide phenomenon from her very first BBG (Bikini Body Guide) to now having 5 different personal trainers with all types of workouts. Kayla’s app also includes several work out courses specifically for Post Pregnancy fitness and getting back in the gym after your first baby. This one is for women only -- and packs a punch.

You can download SWEAT here for a free 14 days!


Last but not least, another Aussie home grown celeb couple, Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky came together to create another great at home and at beach workout app. Not only do they have workouts with great trainers, but meal tips, and ways to stay mindful during this hectic time as well.

You can download his app here for a 7 day free trial! *UPDATE -- Centr is offering 6 free weeks if you sign up before March 30th! 

Stay safe out there Australia... #getleanstayclean

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