Avoiding Germs At The Gym

We all know that the best workout is a sweaty workout. However, this can mean gyms and fitness studios can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and fungi that put you at risk of picking up nasty skin infections. At Gym Face we appreciate the tireless efforts of gyms and studios to keep their facilities as clean as possible. But there are steps that YOU can also take in order to make your workout more hygienic for you and other people:

  • Always wiping equipment down after you’ve used it
  • Covering cuts and grazes
  • Wearing fresh activewear (we all know someone that likes to reuse their gym gear)
  • Making sure you have your own towel at all times

That’s why at Gym Face we created the first colour-coded, antibacterial gym towel. Designed to not just keep you clean and healthy when you train, but other fitness fanatics as well.

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Source: https://bit.ly/374e6sZ

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