How The Freshest Gym Towel Around Came To Be

Now picture this - you're in the middle of your HIIT class (your local gym, F45, CrossFit, or wherever else you get your sweat on). You've got your adrenaline up, you're hot, you're sweaty, you pick up your gym towel and move to the next exercise. Before you get back into it you go to wipe your face - but something quickly dawns on you - "which side do I wipe my face with?"

You're wondering which side of the towel did you put down on the sweaty gym mat on the station before. But you don't have time to think, the instructor is telling you to start again... you take a chance and dab your face with what could be the sweat from the stinky guy before you... yuck!

Now unfortunately the above scenario was a reality for me, and that's how Gym Face came to be. It was an easy problem to solve - a gym towel with two different-coloured sides so you wipe your face with the fresh side and not the side you used to mop up Gary's sweat with (sorry, not sorry, Gary!). It turned out there were very few options available. So I assembled a team and got to work on creating a hygienic gym towel that will take out the guess work, and that's how Gym Face came to be...welcome!