Ever wondered why a Gym Face towel dries faster than your ordinary cotton towel? It’s because it’s a microfibre gym towel. The microfibre absorbs and dries the sweat faster and it has antibacterial properties too. That means you can use Gym Face towels more frequently. Plus, Gym Face towels have a lot of advantages over the usual cotton towels available.


Fast Drying. Our sweat has its own bacteria and when you wipe it off with just an ordinary towel, these bacteria settle in the dampness of the towel. With Gym Face, this doesn’t happen because of its microfibre components. It also allows the towel to dry fast after using. So the next instance you use it, it’s like you’re using a dry towel.

Premium Fabric. This is the microfibre Gym Face uses. It’s the world’s only eco-performance fibre called Repreve®. It makes our towels more durable, compact, and ultra-absorbent. Ultra-absorbent means our towels dry 3x faster and save 5x more space compared to standard cotton towels.

Antibacterial. The most important thing to consider when choosing towels are its antibacterial properties. And Gym Face towels have that. It minimises bacteria growth, preventing the towel from smelling foul, among others. Now you can use the towel repeatedly, without a moment’s hesitation.

Colour-Coded. We’ve colour-coded our Gym Face towels. Now, you get to choose which side is for your face and which side is for everything else. By having coloured sides, not only do we encourage personal hygiene, we also help you minimise wiping your face with the side you used to wipe other things.

Hang It Loop. We’ve made our Gym Face towels convenient as you can take them with you and hang them anywhere you can. We know you don’t want to see your towel on the floor so we’ve put a snap hook tag on them so you can hang them anywhere and keep them from falling down the floor.


Personal hygiene is an important part of staying healthy. You need to practise it as much as possible so you can protect yourself from diseases that you might catch in a public place like the gym. That’s why we’re proud to bring you the best microfibre gym towel on the market today. Gym Face towels.

Eco-friendly and designed to keep you clean and healthy, the fast-drying, ultra-absorbent antimicrobial microfibre inhibits the growth of bacteria and germs that may cause diseases. We wouldn’t be Australia’s No. 1 Gym Towel if we were just an ordinary gym towel, would we?